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The Founders

Our Story

Meet the team that brought the vision of Compass Coaches to life.

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Suzanne Ellis


Hi, I am Suzanne and I live in the East Midlands county of Derbyshire. I am involved with Compass Coaches because I wanted to help build a community of like minded coaches to support each other in their coaching journey.

I bring my unique positivity and vision together with a vast experience of all things admin. In previous lives I have worked within 3 different Government departments, run my own Property Maintenance business and  have also  been an IT trainer  and enjoy helping people to learn new skills.

Something you would not know about me is that I am related to Sir Christopher Wren, or as I said at school one day Sir Christopher Robin!


Asma Begum


My name is Asma and I live in the Rochdale area of Greater Manchester. I am involved with Compass Coaches because I love the ethos behind it, and I love working with the people involved in the steering group. It's a platform for all certified coaches, who have the desire to grow and succeed in their business.

As I run my own charity, Soul Sisters Empowering people I bring a good knowledge of policies and procedures, the ability to coordinate and manage projects, admin too and also managing and running a team. I am a good networker and my skills are in social media, especially Instagram, I am not shy to do videos, or live. I have public speaker experience under my belt too.

A little know fact about me is that  I worked in Dubai as a investment banker

Christine Hochleitner


Hi, I’m Christine. I live in London - originally from Paris, France. I became a certified life coach in 2021, having previously done a diploma in coaching and coached on and off over the years.


I became involved with Compass Coaches to be part of a coaching community and part of this new, exciting and promising collaboration. What do I bring to Compass Coaches? I would say, I bring enthusiasm, focus, direction, collaboration, experience, passion and personality.


If I were to tell you something quirky about me, it would be that I am obsessed with home improvement series on TV. Finally, the biggest thing I would like to change in the world is stopping discrimination.


Jo Morris


Hiya, I'm Jo. I'm a Positive Mindset Coach based in Northampton and I've been working Full-Time as a coach since September 2021. I trained as a Mentor with the probation Service in my twenties, and have been topping up my coaching and mentoring training ever since.


Compass Coaches for me is an amazing opportunity for us all to work together and share our expertise and resources to become the best coaches we can be. I'd like to think I bring with me an ability to bring people together, and I have a passion for Inclusion - I believe strongly in Education and not Alienation. I bring a little bit of sunshine, positivity, and fun with me and I'm more than willing to get silly, embarrass myself, stretch out of my own comfort zone, and above all - be honest.


Now for something that not everyone knows about me - I'm super organised and even though I come across as a bit "Ditzy" I have systems for everything!!


Michael Connolly


My name is Michael and I live in the Birmingham area.

Why am I involved with Compass Coaches? Because I want to share the experiences I had when starting out, the gap in-between the courses and the reality of working as a coach.


What do I bring? Humour, and the truth about the struggles and the successes. Imagination and clarity with an “out of the box” way of solving problems and issues.


An interesting fact

about me is that I once gave a speech at the House of Commons on passenger accessibility for aviation and was quoted as calling for a revolution of thinking and action for people with disabilities.

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